Slitting Knives

Circular Slitting Blades (knives)

Slitting blades are made of top quality cold work tool steel that possess all kinds of production quality certificates.( Variable patent products are used under special slitting conditions). Heat-treatment is applied via vacuum hardening method at variable rigidity in accordance with the section thickness. Finishing process is carried out in special grinders to obtain requested dimensional tolerances. Besides, we produce coated or uncoated distance pieces of various thickness and calibers. Nitrile rubber coated slitters are manufactured at 80-85 hardness in any color as per customer requirements. Forged tempered steel is used for making circular slitting blade with roller bearing. Heat-treatment, hardening and tempering are conducted. Peel shims are made of carbon steel. Our company does not use seamless steel tubes in making distance pieces or any other products.

Guillotine Shears

In order to obtain an accurate and smooth shearing cavity and setting accuracy, slitting shears’ (blades)  thickness tolerance are kept at (±0,002)  and distance pieces and shims are also produced at the said tolerance value.